Dubiln Game Craft down, Fishing Jam to go!

Worked with Paul and Darren again for our Dublin GameCraft entry “Butterfly Cathcher (in the rye)” in the 3rd Dublin GameCraft (2nd at the Engine Yard, kudos to those guys!). We won “Best Team Effort” and our prizes are a Makey Makey and a license for Xamarian. Nice! A tasty cert for my wall!942809_10200736678153262_1867011942_n

Next is to work on the 7 Day Fishing Jam. I’m falling behind on it, but I have a decent prototype already, so fingers crossed I can pick up the pace in the second half.

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Post LudumDare


I, again, had a blast doing LudumDare. The game is getting good feedback, but the controls are a bit hard. I did have WASD controls, but I loved mouse controls way more. Probably detrimental, but I’m happy with the resulting game. I do have more plans for it too. I want to make a multiplayer version. For that, I’ll definitely need a directional control as there can be only one mouse! Anyways, I’m not holding my breath for great ratings, the few feedbacks I got were more than enough for my ego. That being said, Darren‘s sound is getting the best feedback! Ha ha ha! Kudos man!

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The cuurent line of questioning, “Pebble”(working title). Not sure exactly where it’s going yet, but I want to hunt a monster. Might move underwater with it soon, but at the moment, it’s in space. The music is Anthony and the Johnsons’ “Hope there’s someone” and the moving background is code created by Sagar Patel



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Galway Game Jam a success!

Well, the lads at 091Labs are sound, and pulled off a great day. The galway jam was super fun. I braved the unknown codewise, and came up trumps, messing around with code that I’ve steered clear of for a while. Didn’t come up with a complete game, but it does work! 


Worked with Paul O’Brien (the art), and Darren Fitzpatrick (the sound).

Gonna do my c# Vector3 homework for the next jam!

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An awful lazy blogger!

Well, not lazy, just too busy to blog. How does one find the time? I’m almost busy like a bee: http://blossombee.weebly.com/ That was from the last jam I went to a while ago in Belfast,  the Belfast GameCraft. Worked with Paul S O’Brein and Shane O’Brien again, and came out with something I really like.

Tomorrow morning is another Jam, in 091 Labs in Galway!

It’ll be awesome!!!!

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Belfast Game Jam

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The Global Game Jam started last Friday. It’s nearly a week ago now! I burned myself out at it! I’ve been spending the week since then getting my c# skills in order. Also registered my business. It’s now official official. Well, when I get a confirmation letter it will be!

So, what did we end up with? I had a cracking team. Paul was on the art stuff, I was organising, Shane O’Brien was programming, and Martin O’Shea was in charge of the sound. That’s not to say we all only did our jobs! These things always produce this endless amount of jobs for everyone! I think there was one moment towards the end that I was doing nothing because I was waiting for the overworked GGJ site!

It was a great day, but I always want to move on to the next project straight away! Sausageballs here I come!

Here’s some links to the game we made. ShaneO was mad busy on the game since then! I should really get it together to catch up with him! Here are all the links to it. I keep finding more too!







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